Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Article in the Seacoast Area Mothers of Multiples (SAMOM) monthly newsletter:

Nursing in Public

Nursing in public (whether "public" means sitting at the mall, or in front of your family) can cause anxiety and discomfort for many nursing mothers. Learning to nurse discreetly can help you and the babies relax and enjoy the nursing sessions, rather than dreading them. Although there is really no way to discreetly tandem nurse, nursing your babies one at a time (or nursing one while a helper feeds the other from a bottle) while maintaining your modesty is certainly achievable!

Use a mirror - At home, sit down and prop a large mirror in front of you before you begin to nurse. Watch in the mirror as you latch the baby on and off. You will be able to see exactly what is and is not exposed to the public. You may want to unlatch and re-latch several times to perfect a discreet technique.

Clothing - While nursing tops definitely provide adequate coverage, the availability and selection is not that great. Layering a tank top or short sleeved t-shirt underneath an open button-down shirt is a great option for nursing moms. You only need to lift the shirt underneath, while the button-down provides belly coverage.

Nursing Covers - An old-fashioned receiving blanket thrown over your shoulder and the baby will certainly help protect your modesty. However, this can get very hot for both you and the baby. Nursing covers are specially designed, light weight garments that hang around your neck and have a structured front, allowing air flow to the baby, as well as allowing you to maintain eye contact. They can be purchased from many on-line sites and brick and mortar boutiques.
Ellabellabee.com is one such site, and is currently offering SAMOM members free shipping on any purchase. (...)

While nursing in public can be the cause of much anxiety for the modest nursing mother, overcoming that fear has great rewards. Using these tips at home can help you build your confidence before you venture out into public spaces. Having the freedom to feed your babies on the go without carrying extra bottles is wonderful!

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