Thursday, July 03, 2008

Check out the new Cold Seat™

(The COLD SEAT is NO LONGER AVAILABLE, however, check out the Noggle! We are huge fans, though we do not sell them: )

I am a HUGE fan of this new product we have available at Ella Bella Bee! Ella no longer cries when it's time to get into the car, because she knows her car seat is nice and cool. She asks for her Cold Seat all the time! There are three cute patterns to choose from.

Cold Seat™ is a mom-invented safety seat cover made of durable cotton fabric with sleeves that hold gel ice packs. It’s simple. You freeze the Cold Seat™ at home and then take it in the car and place it in the seat when you are running errands, keeping the seat, buckles, belts and accessories comfortably cool. When you’re ready go, Cold Seat™ rolls up and stores easily (I keep a small styrofoam cooler in my trunk, and it keeps for up to nine hours!) That`s plenty of time to run errands while still doing its cooling job. Check it out!

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Gimme Gimme said...

This looks like a great product!